Banbury-based doctor issues health warning over breakfast replacements

Dr Adrian Massey NNL-160331-161836001
Dr Adrian Massey NNL-160331-161836001

A Banbury-based businessman who launched his own range of cereal drinks has started a campaign against high sugar breakfast-on-the-go products.

Dr Adrian Massey is calling for consumers to be more aware of the amount of sugar their breakfast may contain.

Dr Massey said: “Breakfast biscuits and cereal bars are packed full of sugar, sometimes exceeding 40 per cent, while breakfast drinks are composed of watered down milk, then packed with sugar, loaded with additives and contain minimal or no cereal at all.

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but the current range of on-the-go products just no longer reflect this.”

The government recently announced it would be introducing a sugar tax, but Dr Massey says it doesn’t go far enough.

Dr Massey was born in Oxford and lives with his family in Banbury. He started out his career in the food industry in 2001, after completing a degree in food science and nutrition at Oxford Brookes University followed by a PhD.

He has launched his C’go cereal drinks after working in the food industry for 14 years.