Banbury and Bicester MP responds to Brexit

Conservative MP and Remain campaigner Victoria Prentis responds to the historical events unfolding today.
Banbury MP Victoria Prentis NNL-150826-094619001Banbury MP Victoria Prentis NNL-150826-094619001
Banbury MP Victoria Prentis NNL-150826-094619001

Pro Remain Conservative MP, Victoria Prentis had this to say following the UK’s decision to leave the European Union: “The British electorate has had a once-in-a-generation opportunity to have their say on our future relationship with the European Union. Britain has spoken. I hope that the result can be respected; we must crack on and make a success of the decision to leave, particularly given the understandable economic turmoil we now face.”

“I am proud that the Conservative Party delivered on its commitment to give the people of Britain a say. It is important that we work together to heal the divides that emerged during the campaign. We still have plenty to do to deliver our manifesto commitments, and must not overlook other issues locally, particularly the future of the Horton General Hospital.”

On the Prime Minister and Whitney MP David Cameron’s decision to resign, in time for a new leader to be in place before the tory party conference in October, Mr’s Prentis said: “The Prime Minister’s decision to stand down is extremely sad, particularly for us in Oxfordshire. He has been a fantastic constituency neighbour, friend to Banbury and a tireless supporter of everything in Oxfordshire including the Horton General Hospital.”

“He will go down in history as a great reforming Prime Minister. His statement this morning was dignified, and reminded us of the vision he had for Britain. We must all now work together to make it a reality.”