Baby teething necklaces recalled due to choke hazard

Amber necklaces and bracelets, wooden teething rattles and teething clips have been recalled after Trading Standards test results revealed them to be a choking hazard.
Product warningProduct warning
Product warning

The products, manufactured by It’s Handmade are aimed at teething babies and were voluntarily recalled after the test results were revealed.

The materials used making the products are not in themselves harmful, but trading standards found that the small parts meant that the products represented a choking risk to children under 36 months.

A statement from the manufacturer read: “At It’s Handmade we take safety extremely seriously and have been working closely with Buckinghamshire & Surrey Trading Standards.”

“Trading standards test results have indicated that if a baby puts a necklace, anklet or bracelet into their mouth there is a potential risk of choking. Trading standards have now recommended that we conduct a voluntary product recall as a preventative measure.”

Amber bracelets are a controversial topic of debate on parenting forums with some parents swearing by their effectiveness while others call the science behind the products into question.

There have been past examples of teething necklaces being recalled from the UK market as choking hazards.

No children have been harmed as a result of using the It’s Handmade product.

The statement added: “We are very sorry for any worry and inconvenience this may cause and we will do our very best to try to ensure that this situation is resolved in a way that everyone is satisfied with.”

Readers affected by the recall can find out how to get a refund here: