Appeal launched for snow wardens for Banbury

Snowfall in Peoples Park, Banbury ENGNNL00120130118101332
Snowfall in Peoples Park, Banbury ENGNNL00120130118101332

Community-minded volunteers who will help their neighbours during snowy or frosty conditions in Banbury are being sought in case of a bad winter.

The Neighbourhood Snow Warden Scheme sees volunteers organise the gritting of roads and pavements in the areas where they live.

Around 100 wardens have been trained and ready for action in recent years but have rarely been called into action because of mild winters.

Some have dropped out of the scheme – and because this year might see the return of snow and ice, more wardens are needed.

Banbury Town Council leader Kieron Mallon said: “Snow wardens are important and valued members of the community.

“They keep our roads, pavements and footpaths safer for everyone throughout the winter – particularly elderly and vulnerable residents who cannot help themselves.”

The council supplies the volunteers with everything they need – and also provides training for the role.

Cllr Mallon added: “It is a perfect example of councils working with residents for the common good.”

For more information, call the council on 01295 250340.