Antiques Road Trip produces piggy profit

Brenda Haller with vintage Porsche NNL-150414-182906001
Brenda Haller with vintage Porsche NNL-150414-182906001

The Antiques Road Trip again stopped off in Banburyshire on its annual foray through the heart of England.

The popular BBC television show was filming a contest between two popular experts, Natasha Raskin and Philip Serrell, each vying to make the most profit from spontaneously bought collectables.

The bubbly Scots expert Natasha Raskin visited the Deddington Antiques Centre where she met up with owner Brenda Haller – herself one of the star valuers of the ITV antiques programme Dickinson’s Real Deal.

“It’s the fourth time Antiques Road Trip has come to the Deddington Antiques Centre,” said Mrs Haller.

“There are various reasons why they like to come here – it’s easy to park and we have hundreds of thousands of antiques so always masses of choice for them. While Natasha was here, Philip was in an antiques shop in Stratford.”

After a consultation Mrs Haller directed her celebrity friend towards some Beswick figures and Ms Raskin went away quite happy with a mother and baby pig ornament.

The chosen piece was rushed to auction and the resulting Roadtrip contest will be broadcast in a new series of the programme this autumn.

Deddington Antiques Centre has become a favourite hunting ground for South Koreans searching for ceramic tea sets.