And in between is 
The Forbidden Door

Storytelling by The Devil's Violin... it's not quite Jackanory
Storytelling by The Devil's Violin... it's not quite Jackanory

Stand by for a spine-tingling, spell-binding fusion of music and tall tales – and an Orpheus who is doing stand-up for the gods.

Following the success of previous shows A Love Like Salt and The Singing Bones, The North Wall Arts Centre is welcoming back The Devil’s Violin with their new show – The Forbidden Door – this Saturday at 8pm.

The Devil’s Violin has been breathing new life into the ancient art of storytelling since 2006.

It consists of acclaimed storyteller and spoken word performer Daniel Morden and virtuoso musicians Sarah Moody, Oliver-Wilson Dickson and Dylan Fowler.

A spokesman said: “This talented ensemble weaves together a hypnotic, mesmerising, aural tapestry of sound, poetry and folk/roots music that appeals to all ages and cultures.”

Tickets for Saturday’s performance are £13 (£11 concs) from or 01865 319450.

Later in the month, Alex Swift, director of Caroline Horton’s critically-acclaimed production Mess directs Move to Stand’s reimagining of one of the most iconic characters of Greek Mythology.

With an original score by Philipe Nash, Fat Man draws a contemporary story from the original through jokes and anecdotes, told by a dishevelled Orpheus with an ever-increasing waistline.

It is written and performed by Martin Bonger.

He said: “The Orpheus I’ve created in Fat Man is fat with shame and conceit, trying to cling onto the belief that because of his music he’s as powerful as a god.

“He starts at this place of godly confidence and ends up back down on earth, humbled by failure.

“The world of stand-up feels like a great fit for the story, and the show looks at the bittersweet way a comic is often putting grief out there to be laughed at while searching for a kind of catharsis.

“I’m interested in those familiarly human details of a person’s story that can throw you off balance unexpectedly, leaving you laughing to keep from crying.”

It takes place on Thursday, February 26 at 8pm. Ticket prices and contacts are the same as for The Devil’s Violin.