Adderbury spared from new 98 home development

Adderbury Day of Morris. Pictured, Stephen Wass and Brian Martin in the band
Adderbury Day of Morris. Pictured, Stephen Wass and Brian Martin in the band

Adderbury has been spared plans for 98 new homes after councillors agreed enough development had already been allowed in the village.

Yesterday (Thursday) members of Cherwell District Council’s planning committee turned down a residential development for up to 98 homes with space for potential community facilities at land to the west of Banbury Road in Twyford.

Members agreed that with the council now able to demonstrate a five-year land supply, there was no need to release another site for development in a village which has had more than 180 new homes allowed since January 2014.

Cllr Michael Gibbard, Cherwell’s lead member for planning, said: “Cherwell can now demonstrate a five-year land supply which means we can now be more robust in only approving applications on sites which we deem suitable. Previously a shortfall in housing numbers meant we had to prioritise the provision of homes and only refuse applications if the development would significantly outweigh this benefit.

“With a five-year land supply now in place, this pressure has been alleviated and we can assess applications using our own guidelines as opposed to those set by the Government. As such, we do not consider this to be a suitable site as it would not only cause significant harm to the character of the area by developing open countryside but would result in the village losing yet another field to housing.”

The site is a large field in arable cultivation measuring about 14 hectares, however only 3.88 hectares would be used for the provision of the 98 homes. An additional 0.1 hectares of land had been reserved for a potential GP surgery, pharmacy and community centre, although this had not been formalised with an official application. A smaller children’s play area had been proposed in the southern-eastern corner with the remainder of the site had been provided as dedicated open space.

Access would be via Banbury Road with approximately 265 residents estimated to occupy the finalised development area.

Concerns had been raised that the development would harm the rural area by breaching the urban limits of the village and obstructing views of the Grade I listed Church of St Mary.

Members also acknowledged that since January 2014, four major applications had been allowed in the village. These included two housing appeals which had been upheld allowing 25 homes to be built on land north of Adderbury Court and 65 dwellings on land south of Milton Road. This is in addition to the 31 homes approved by the council at land north of Milton Road and 60 homes permitted by members at land east of Deene Close