Adderbury mum charts a new career trajectory

Tejal Lodhia with her daughter, Shreya
Tejal Lodhia with her daughter, Shreya

An Adderbury mother has taken the plunge by leaving the corporate world to launch her own travel planning 

Tejal Lodhia launched Senzill Travel in August.

It was an idea and passion she had had for some time, but needed to balance being a first-time mother to follow her dreams. Tejal said: “My company, Senzill Travels, was launched a few months ago.

“It was an idea I’ve had for years which has remained that way for some time.

“Progressing a career in project management meant it was never the ‘right time’ to follow my dreams in providing a personalised travel planning service. Having taken the plunge of leaving the corporate world, I’m now focusing on what I love doing best.

“I was inspired to launch my own business in travel planning through my extensive travelling experiences. I was always surprised, from some mainstream websites, at the lack of transparency in their pricing and personalisation of itineraries. I started negotiating with hotels/resorts direct to get the most competitive prices and added benefits.

“Travel planning became a hobby of mine, doing this for friends and family in my spare time. I can honestly say I enjoy nothing more than providing personalised travel itineraries based on my extensive research and consumer reviews, giving my top tips from my experiences and negotiating with hotels/resorts to get the best direct deals.

“My business motto is simple: no catches, no commission – just my transparent fee. I don’t sign up to exclusive arrangements to ensure my customers have a breadth of choice/options. I’m 100% driven on delivering value for money and most recently I was able to save a customer 30% versus mainstream website quotes. I am a mother of a beautiful two-year-old daughter named Shreya.

“I am constantly learning to balance motherhood, family life and personal motivations.

“I moved to Adderbury in 2016 to be closer to family. I’m a planner at heart and I am always ready to travel and see the world.”

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