Actors get celebrity’s voice tips

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THE X-FACTOR’S Voiceover man Peter Dickson has teamed up with a Banbury recording studio to boost stage and screen actors’ work chances.

Dickson, Britain’s most popular TV announcer, is running courses teaching actors the intricacies of recording for the lucrative world of computer games, alongside Hugh Edwards of High-Score Productions Ltd, whose recording and mixing skills demonstrate what is needed in the studio.

“As a voice actor on more than 30 games, I am keen to pass on my experience of this hidden corner of our industry,” said Dickson.

Mr Edwards said: “If you don’t have experience, you won’t get hired and we help break this chicken and egg situation in a one-day course for actors who want to break into the games industry. There are practical tips and tricks for creating characters from Peter, as well as microphone technique and studio etiquette.”

Actor Katherine Newman said: “The workshop was brilliant. I never realised how far you need to go to get a well rounded, believable and full performance.”

And Josephine Butler said: “I learnt an aspect of my business I knew nothing about. Excellent.”