A bike of some note!

A GREAT BOURTON man is having fun turning people's heads when he pedals his piano along the streets!

Oliver Cumming, 36, has nicknamed his contraption Rimski's Piano.

Mr Cumming made the piano-on-wheels himself and finds people like to be entertained by it.

"I began work on the piano while travelling as a musician with a small circus

"As I pedal forwards it moves sideways – only at about five miles per hour. I've been doing it since 2005 and it's a great experience.

"I've got use to people taking a double take when they first see me."

Mr Cumming – who has played at music festivals from Scotland to the

USA – said as it is pretty similar to a bicycle and therefore is legal to take to the streets on.

"Initially people are shocked but it produces a great response and some people run after me to put the money in the hat."