Forget about staycations, It's all about the taste-cation this summer.

With 41% of Brits planning to holiday at home this year, Beth Liston, Dark Horse’s winemaker, demonstrates how you can discover the world through wine this summer.

As travel uncertainty continues across the globe, many Brits (41%) are planning on holidaying at home this year, leaving foodies across the country at risk of missing out on the delicious cuisines the world has to offer. However, Dark Horse Wines confirms they are less about taking a stay-cation and more about enjoying a ‘taste-cation’ this summer - discovering the world’s greatest food and wine pairings from the comfort of your own home.

With over half the nation (53%) confirming that local food and wine is key when considering a holiday destination, Dark Horse is encouraging Brits to take a global adventure into their own hands and travel the world through unexpected pairings with the brand’s diverse Californian portfolio.

With 82% of Brits confirming that trying new cuisines is what they enjoy most about going on holiday, replicating unexpected flavours experienced abroad is the perfect opportunity to keep a sense of exploration alive whilst at home.

Beth Liston, Dark Horse Winemaker, comments: “At Dark Horse, we love to challenge convention. We know from our wines that when you do things a little bit differently, you can get better than expected results.

The same ethos applies when it comes to food and wine pairings. Dark Horse has discovery at its core, so we’re keen to take consumers on a culinary adventure from home, with delicious pairings to suit every palate. From Malbec and sushi to Zinfandel and baby back ribs, our unexpected wine pairings will take Brits on a taste-cation like no other.

Our Dark Horse portfolio offers bold California wines that are meticulously crafted to outperform their price tag. By following our own path and writing our own rules, our ambitious blends can be enjoyed by wine drinkers in new and exciting ways that take them on their own adventures.”

Want to follow your own path and discover your new favourite tipple? Then take a trip around the world with eight wines and these unexpected pairings.

  1. Discover a taste of Japan… An unexpected yet delicious clash of cultures sees the robust flavours of Dark Horse Malbec make a surprising, yet incredible companion to Japanese Sushi. The full-bodied finish and earthy undertones of this red wine holds its own against wasabi and teriyaki, without overpowering the fish.
  2. Discover a taste of America… Embrace big flavours and pair the warm, dark notes of Dark Horse Merlot with the intensity of Blue Cheeseburgers and BBQ Sauce to bring the bold taste of America to the table. The hearty intensity of the sauce amplifies the full-bodied flavour of the Merlot. It’s America after all…. Go big or go home!
  3. Discover a taste of GreeceDark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon, paired with a traditional Moussaka, will transport you to the rustic village life of Greece. The multi-layered intensity of this dish makes it the perfect match for this wine’s bold abundance of dark fruit flavours. Cabernet Sauvignon’s fruity aromas, including blackberry, cherry and soft prunes latch effortlessly onto the rich savouriness of staple Greek cuisine and other lamb-based dishes.
  4. Discover a taste of AustraliaDark Horse Zinfandel, paired with the rich flavours of the Australian Barbeque, will have you following your own path to the eternal sunshine of the Gold Coast. A hearty red variety, this Zinfandel is a great choice to pair with options across the grill. Zinfandel is the perfect match for red meat dishes such as Baby Back ribs with blackberry BBQ sauce or barbecued pork sandwiches. Or, dare to discover a surprising combination paired with this wine as the jammy, ripe fruit flavours complement the tangy, sweetness of marinated shrimp.
  5. Discover a taste of the Mediterranean… Make the most of a Mediterranean seafood medley by pairing the delicate flavours of fish with Dark Horse Chardonnay. A bold wine with a big personality, you wouldn’t expect it to be the perfect partner to lighter seafood dishes such as seared scallops with roasted red pepper relish, but the smooth mouthfeel balances this match to perfection.
  6. Discover a taste of Mexico… When you think of Mexico, Tequila may come to mind, but the savoury and slightly spicy foundations of Mexican dishes favour the zippy freshness of Dark Horse Sauvignon Blanc. Fish Tacos with lively chili flavours complement this Sauvignon Blanc’s notes of pink grapefruit and citrus fruits, which give each glass a crispness that’s clean on the palate, elevating the dish from crowd-pleasing finger food to something even more refined.
  7. Discover a taste of France… For fish dishes, it may be unnatural to think pink, but at Dark Horse, we’re all about embracing the unexpected. Dark Horse Rosé’s bright fruit notes and crisp acidity balance the multitude of salty, tangy flavours in a Salad Niçoise with albacore tuna. This dry Rosé is a delightful partner for this French specialty, so take a risk and reap the unexpected rewards! For dessert, cut a slice of French Almond cake with raspberry-rhubarb to complement the stone fruit aromas and subtle minerality.
  8. Discover a taste of India.... With intense flavours the powerful heat of Indian Cuisine, a wine that refreshes the palate with every sip is the perfect pair to appreciate complex spices. The delicate fruity notes of Dark Horse Pinot Grigio will allow the layers of spices in Tandoor Chicken to reign supreme, helping to pare back the prominent, tomato-based flavours and refresh the taste buds to enjoy more with each sip.

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