Adventurous Easter Pairings: Dark Horse Wine & Chef Gizzi Erskine reveal the best wines to pair with your Easter feast

The Easter Bank Holiday is a time to reflect, celebrate and where possible, catch up with family and friends. With outdoor gatherings allowed to take place this Easter, Dark Horse Wine demonstrates how you can discover your wilder culinary side - with bold, unexpected food and wine pairings. Traditional Easter menus tend to centre around either a roasted ham or a leg of lamb, but why not follow your own path this Easter and get a little adventurous?

Dark Horse Wine is on a mission to help wine and food lovers become more creative by adding an unexpected twist to traditional savoury and sweet Easter delicacies. With Easter breaks away off the table, immerse yourself in these delicious and unexpected pairings from chef, restaurateur and award-winning food writer, Gizzi Erskine.

Dark Horse Merlot and Fish

We shouldn’t always assume that red wine only works best with red meats. Meaty fish like tuna, monkfish and swordfish work surprisingly well as they are bold enough to withstand the tannins and richness of Dark Horse Merlot, which might surprise some people who think only white wine is the appropriate match for fish. Be adventurous and reach for a red this Easter!

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon and Smoked Chocolate Chilli Con Carne 

Want something with a kick this Bank Holiday? Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon works well with braised meats. When the gelatine breaks down in the meat it creates an umami richness which sits brilliantly against the smooth finish of the Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon. Gizzi’s Smoked Chocolate Chili Con Carne showcases this perfectly. 

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon and Burgers

Gizzi was 18 years old when she discovered the joys of a really good bottle of red wine with burgers. It makes total sense when you think about it. Let’s break this down. A milk bun with both an acidic and creamy cheese, and umami richness of the beef. Looking at these flavour notes you know it’s going to work. The bold fruity notes of Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon are the ideal candidates.

Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon and Pizza

Don’t want to spend hours cooking? An American style Pepperoni pizza and tub of ice cream doesn’t always have to immediately mean beer or fizzy drinks. The umami of tomatoes goes well with big bold reds such as Dark Horse Cabernet Sauvignon, as does the spiciness of pepperoni and creamy mozzarella. What’s more, red wine is a revelation when paired with chocolate ice cream. Perfect for those outdoor get-togethers, especially if the sun is shining! 

Dark Horse Rose and Lamb

While it might not be so adventurous, we can’t forget a true celebratory classic this Easter! Perfectly pink lamb pairs really well with the fresh red fruit notes of Dark Horse Rosé that cut through the savoury caramels of the roasted lamb and the sweet iron of the pink meat. So, this Easter, when preparing the classic Easter Sunday lunch, THINK PINK!

Beth Liston, Dark Horse Winemaker comments: “At Dark Horse we love to challenge convention, as we know from our own wines that when you do things a little bit differently you can get better than expected results. 

The same ethos applies when it comes to food and wine pairings. With much of global exploration on pause, we want to take people on a journey around the world through wine - and push the boundaries with our favourite cuisines. 

Dark Horse has discovery at its core, so we’re keen to take consumers on a culinary adventure from home, with delicious pairings to suit every palate. From Merlot and Roast Monkfish to Cabernet Sauvignon and Chilli Con Carne, our unexpected wine pairings will take Brits on a taste-cation like no other. 

Our Dark Horse wine portfolio offers some of the very best Californian wine, but by following our own path and making our own rules, our bold and ambitious blends can be enjoyed by wine drinkers in new and exciting ways that take them on their own adventures around the globe”

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