Hop into First Class at Banbury station

You can now bid for First Class ticketsYou can now bid for First Class tickets
You can now bid for First Class tickets | other
Rail commuters travelling from Banbury now have the ability to upgrade their seats to First Class at just the touch of a button.

Through a new partnership between CrossCountry Rail and travel app Seatfrog, customers from Banbury will be able to enjoy the perks of First Class without the price tag, as the app enables you to upgrade your ticket via its ‘buy now’ or auction-style bid functions.

All customers need to do is download the Seatfrog app (available for iOS and Android), enter your journey details, and input the most you are willing to pay for the upgrade from Standard to First Class.

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If First Class seats are available, the auction begins 24 hours before departure. Seatfrog will then automatically bid with other customers, stopping at your maximum, to ensure that you receive the best possible price for the new seat.

If you have a Standard ticket and your bid wins, then all the perks of First Class are yours as soon as you hop on the train.

Laura Timmins, marketing and brand manager at CrossCountry said, “The new partnership will make it easier for customers from Banbury to travel the country in style.

“Seatfrog is so simple to use and allows CrossCountry to open up new opportunities for our customers, enabling them to experience First Class travel at a reduced rate.

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"Whether travelling for work or pleasure, we hope that by making First Class travel more accessible, more people will be encouraged to choose the train over the car, leading to a smooth and stress free journey.”

Iain Griffin, co-founder and CEO of Seatfrog, added, "This newest partnership will see Seatfrog upgrades available on over 80 per cent of all long-distance rail routes in Great Britain.

"We’re excited to be working with CrossCountry to give even more people the chance to upgrade and take their journey beyond the ordinary."

In a CrossCountry First Class seat, passengers can enjoy comfortable seats with extra leg room and complimentary food and drink including hot meals (where applicable), snacks and hot and cold drinks.

Bidding with Seatfrog is available on selected journeys between Monday and Friday.

For more information visit www.crosscountrytrains.co.uk/seatfrog or download the Seatfrog app.