Plenty for all to enjoy this summer at Upton

Upton House offers attractions outdoors and indoorsUpton House offers attractions outdoors and indoors
Upton House offers attractions outdoors and indoors
Parents and carers Running out of ideas to keep the children occupied this summer will find plenty to entertain the family at Upton House.

Starting at reception, visitors can pick up a free “50 things to do before you’re 11 ¾” booklet. For any of the things the family does on site, the reception team will present stickers for each of the achievements to reward the exploring.

Upton House has both a Woodland Walk and lush gardens to enjoy. The Woodland Walk is a “wild play” trail, with plenty of natural objects for little ones to climb on and explore great for burning off some of their energy.

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In the orchard and at the bottom of the lawn are baskets of outdoor toys to play with. Visitors can test their skills and enjoy some friendly competition with the skittles or quoits.

In the house itself there are free children’s trails to help youngsters explore the rooms, child-friendly objects that can be touched and hidden carrots to spot throughout. There’s also a chance to type on Don’t miss the chance to type on vintage typewriters.

Collections and engagement manager Michelle Leake said: “The house of full of things that families can engage with: whether that is talking to our friendly volunteers or seeing how many felt carrots you can find.

“We really want families to feel welcome and be able to interact with our interpretation.”

The current award-winning display Banking For Victory at Upton House is running until early 2017.

Call on 670266 or visit for more information.