Nostalgia: Pictures from the past

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Have you got a picture from the past? E-mail

Twelve rare Woodland Whiteface sheep were the latest additions to Bloxham’s Warriner School farm, it was reported in the Banbury Guardian on Thursday, April 26, 1973.

It was also reported that the school had purchased four local Cotswold sheep and was hoping to build up a healthy flock.

As can be seen from the picture the flock was already starting to build up in April 1973 with two twin lambs, Pixie and Dixie, pictured with Janet England, 15, (left) and Lynne Gascoigne, 15, and their teacher Mr Adrian Marsden-Jones.

Mr Marsden-Jones said the fourth and the fifth year pupils at the school would be involved with the sheep for their CSE course.

Pigs, poultry and rabbits were kept at the school and a 140-year-old Oxford wagon was also renovated.