Kineton show examines food through dance

The sensory, cultural and social implications of food will be explored in a contemporary dance show.
May Contain FoodMay Contain Food
May Contain Food

May Contain Food, May Contain You is coming to Kineton Sports and Social Club on Sunday, October 16, starting at 7.30pm.

This special adaptation is a duet for dancers Sonya Cullingford and Carl Harrison, who both appeared in the original production which toured the UK earlier this year.

Audiences will be invited to bring and share homemade dishes and locally sourced or homegrown food.

Sitting around themed speciality tables designed by Jann Seabra, the audience will be served playful dance accompanied by songs by renowned composer Orlando Gough.

Speaking about the show Luca Silvestrini, who conceived and created it, said: “My desire to adapt our current show May Contain Food for a rural tour is to make theatrical experiences available to people less exposed to dance and theatre.

“The idea of visiting smaller communities, and re-imagining their village or town halls with an interactive and surprising show about food, fascinates me.

“We are approaching this new tour with a particular sensitivity, as we are going to be guests in their environment, and acknowledge that for a small community what’s happening in their town or village hall is much more than a show.

“I want May Contain Food, May Contain You to be an event which reflects this quite simple but beautiful concept. I believe it’s going to be fun and I am looking forward to learning more about rural England.”

Composer Orlando Gough is celebrated across the UK for his compositions for contemporary dance, ballet and theatre.

Recently, he has worked on the critically acclaimed Mr Burns at the Almeida Theatre) and the community opera Imago at Glyndebourne, which won a Royal Philharmonic Society Award in 2014.

For further information about the show or to book tickets for the performance visit or call 01926 640901.

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