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Midland Red: History of the bus in Banbury

In the Birmingham Gazette for September 12 1949, Derick Goodman contributed a fascinating article entitled Midland Red: Fifty years of movement. It traced the history of The Birmingham and Midland Motor Omnibus Company Limited from when they commenced a horse bus service in 1899.

A tiny corner of the vast American Cemetery in Margraten which originally held the remains of more than 20,000 men

Europe prepares to celebrate 75 years of freedom from Nazi occupation

Back in November 2018, Europe marked the First World War armistice with numerous Centenary celebrations in and around Flanders Fields. Twelve months on, there will be further celebrations in both Belgium and the Netherlands as towns and villages mark the 75th anniversary of liberation from Nazi Germany.

Cattle in the Cow Fair awaiting sale at the beginning of the 20th century NNL-190128-161109001

Market regulation to stop animals wandering through Banbury

In 1869 Joseph Osborn was mayor of Banbury. He had been elected in November of the previous year. Like many other holders of that office Joseph had a business background. Rusher’s Directory reveals that he was a wine and spirits merchant at 20 Horse Fair from 1850 to 1872. Significantly as mayor he was also clerk responsible for the town’s arrangements for the marketing of livestock.

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