Top reasons to choose bamboo bedding for your Banbury home

Looking for new bedding that’s kind on your skin and on the planet – AND helps you to get a great night’s rest? Look no further!

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Friday, 24th June 2022, 11:16 am
Softer than the finest Egyptian cotton… Sleep better at night with supersoft bamboo bedding that’s better for you – and for the planet
Softer than the finest Egyptian cotton… Sleep better at night with supersoft bamboo bedding that’s better for you – and for the planet

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect silky-soft sheets to slide between at the end of a long day, offering the greatest comfort as well as the knowledge that they’re sustainably sourced, then Panda London’s bamboo bedding is the right choice for you.

We all know it’s important to shop with retailers you can trust, which is why Panda London is on a mission to be as eco-friendly as possible and provide the highest standard of products.

They offer an award-winning bamboo homeware range that includes 100 percent bamboo bedding, from bamboo bed sheets and bamboo pillow cases to bamboo duvet covers and bamboo fitted sheets, as well as mattress toppers, duvets and memory foam bamboo pillows to help you sleep better.

Did you know bamboo can grow by up to 3ft a day? Sleep better at night with supersoft bamboo bedding that’s better for you – and the planet

All their products combine the softest bamboo fabric with the coolest designs and cutting-edge tech for an eco-friendly range that doesn’t cost the earth.

Good for you

With its strong, silky fibres, bamboo is naturally softer than the finest Egyptian cotton, and Panda London have harnessed the fluffy power of bamboo to bring the freshest, softest bedding to your bedroom. Panda London’s 100 percent bamboo bedding needs to be experienced to be believed: it’s supersoft for the very best bedtimes.

Plus bamboo's temperature-regulating properties mean you stay snug and cosy in winter but it's as cool as can be when the temperature rises, as well as ultra-breathable for an incredible sleep.

They even offer a fantastic range of kids’ bedding, with duvet covers, fitted sheets and bamboo mattress protectors perfect for helping little ones stay cool when they need to and enjoy the soothing properties of bamboo on their sensitive skin. Panda London’s bamboo duvets and pillows promise little ones a soft and soothing sleep thanks to the ultra-breathable fabric and supportive third generation memory foam.

Good for the planet

Bamboo is the world’s fastest-growing plant – growing up to three feet a day – but only needs one-third as much water as cotton, plus it releases 30 per cent more oxygen than hardwood trees.

Not only is all its bamboo sourced from approved forests, but Panda London has protected more than 567,930 trees, removing almost 205,000 tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere – the equivalent of taking 123,654 cars off the road.

Bamboo products can be washed at low temperatures and dry rapidly without the need for fabric softeners or ironing, making them a low-energy option too.

Panda London only uses organic bamboo that is grown without pesticides and every thread, button and dye within Panda London’s products are tested to ensure there’s no trace of harmful substances – and it is all delivered without plastic in a recycled and recyclable box.

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