Mapped: The most haunted regions in the UK

Th scariest areas have now been revealedTh scariest areas have now been revealed
Th scariest areas have now been revealed
With Halloween fast approaching, Psychic World were eager to uncover which regions in the UK have the strongest paranormal presence.

To do this, a list of 11,700 paranormal sightings across the UK was collated via various reputable paranormal databases, revealing the most haunted place in the UK!

We can reveal that Yorkshire is the spookiest county in the UK! Yorkshire is home to 797 paranormal sightings up to date - 302% higher than the UK average!

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From headless women to scratching sounds, multiple paranormal activities fill the region with roaming spooky spirits. 'The Original Ghost Walk of York‘ is known as one of the best spooky tours in England, attracting people around the world who love ghosts and dark history.

Ranking second is London with 701 paranormal sightings. Home to the ‘Red Lady’, ‘Highgate Vampire’, “Jack the Ripper”, and even haunted pubs, London is never short of spooky places for you to visit during Halloween.

Essex came third place with 507 paranormal activities recorded so far. The county is the home of countless ghost stories that are told against the backdrop of the many historic buildings of the region, such as the Layer Marney Tower and Hadleigh castle.

Following among the counties with the strongest paranormal presence are Sussex (438 sightings), Dorset (434 sightings) and Devon (418 sightings) respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth.

To date, South West England has a total of 2149 paranormal sightings recorded, highest among all regions in the UK! At the other end is Northern Ireland with 139 sightings on record.