How to create an outdoor entertaining space on a budget this spring

Frugal experts are sharing their tips on how Brits can create the perfect outdoor entertaining space on a budget.

By Chris Page
Wednesday, 27th April 2022, 10:22 am
Frugal experts are sharing their tips on how Brits can create the perfect outdoor entertaining space on a budget.

Penny-pinching pros at are encouraging Brits to make the most of their gardens in the sunny weather without the stress of finances.

They’re encouraging Brits to do simple things such as using LED lights and repurposing indoor furniture like throws and cushions in order to create a chic entertaining area.

Those who are feeling more adventurous could even attempt to build their own garden furniture.

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A spokesperson for NetVoucherCodes said: “A lot of people think to make the most of their garden that they need an expensive garden set and other pricey furniture but it’s not true.

“Everyone should be able to get outside and enjoy the sun with their family and friends and there are a lot of different things you can do to pull together a really great looking outdoor entertaining space without breaking the bank.

“Doing simple things like repurposing indoor furniture can make a massive difference in how your outdoor space looks. This along with some nice evening lighting and some cosy throws is pretty much all you need to make a budget friendly outdoor space.”

NetVoucherCodes’ tips for a budget friendly outdoor space:

Add a rug

Next time instead of throwing away an older rug in your home, add it to your patio area. Adding rugs is a great way to make your patio area feel cosy and it gives it a new look and to freshen up your outdoor space without having to repaint or stain your decking.

Revive your furniture with cushions

If you feel like your garden furniture is looking a little dull, you don’t have to buy completely new items. Adding cushions to chairs and sun loungers is a great way to give your furniture a new look and add another element to your garden. It also allows you to add another colour which can transform your space more than you may think

Add LED mood lighting

If you plan on spending evenings in the garden then you’ll definitely need to sort out some lighting and LED lights are much cheaper to run in comparison to normal lighting.

Keep food simple

When hosting the pressure is on to feed your guests but the key to this is to keep it simple. In the summer fresh foods like fruits salads and cheese boards are great snack options.

Use throws as table runners and coverings

Decorating your table can be easy, just repurpose your indoor throws to create a beautiful beachy set up. Place them at an angle and keep them messy to add dimension.

Keep your lawn neat and tidy

Keeping your lawn short, neat and tidy is key to making your garden look inviting and it’s an easy way to keep your garden looking fresh and ready for entertaining.

Get into some DIY projects

If you like the odd DIY challenge then this could be a great way to create some more garden furniture for a fraction of the price. DIY projects include, making your own fire pit, decking or even building a mini drinks bar.