Here are 13 DIY space saving storage ideas to try at home

Spending more time indoors due to lockdown probably has you taking notice of all the home projects you’ve been putting off.

Organising storage is the best way to get the most out of your living space. It will feel like you have more room, your items will be better organised and the space will look tidier.

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Here are some great DIY home storage ideas to get you started for the rooms in the house that usually have the least space, but the most items to store - the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom.


It’s not unusual for the kitchen to quickly become cluttered and for it to feel like there isn’t enough space for food, pots, pans and other cooking equipment.

These ideas should get you feeling inspired.

Hang a pegboard

A free wall in the kitchen could be the perfect opportunity to hang up a pegboard, which offers up endless possibilities for organisation and storage.

Those pots and pans that are taking up valuable cupboard space? Hang them up on the pegboard instead. Your hanging items will look like a work of art, as well as being stored in a practical, easy-to-access way that frees up loads of space.

Utilise the top of your fridge

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Fridges that don’t reach ridiculously high offer a great opportunity for extra storage space.

Invest in items like a wine rack or wire boxes that can keep things like bottles of juice, cereal boxes or whatever else is taking up unnecessary cupboard space.

Use the sides of your cupboards and cabinets

If you have counter space that doesn’t join up against a wall, this blank space could be the answer to your organisational problems.

Add rails so you can hang utensils like wooden spoons and spatulas, add some adhesive hooks to hold dish towels or even a rack to hold all your spices.

Use the bottoms of your cabinets

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The bottoms of your cabinets offer up great storage space as well.

Add hooks to the bottom to hold mugs, a holder for kitchen roll or even a magnetic strip to create a floating spice rack.

Turn your cooker into extra counter space

While the cooker and hob is a useful item in the kitchen when it comes to cooking, if it’s not actively being used, then it’s taking up a lot of space.

Why not make some hob covers that also double as a cutting board?

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All you need to do is measure the hob and craft a cutting board that fits the space - more counter space in an instant.


Bathrooms can often be compact, so that means using your bathroom space wisely.

Install a shower shelf

Sick of having the bottom of your shower littered with shampoo and conditioner bottles that you could knock over at any given point? Definitely time for a shower shelf.

There are lots of different types of shower shelves you can install no matter what the layout of your bathroom. There are ones that simply hang over the shower door, ones that attach to the wall and others that attach to the shower itself.


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Free up some cupboard space by moving things like packs of toilet paper and towels out of the cupboard and into the bathroom.

Baskets can create storage space out of nowhere and you can always find one that will fit the space you already have, no matter how small.

Add toilet paper, folded towels or any other items that might be taking up space somewhere they don’t need to be.

Add shelving

If baskets don’t quite tickle your fancy, but combining your linen closet with your bathroom does, adding some shelving to your bathroom might be more up your street.

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A free corner somewhere in the bathroom could be the perfect space to add a shelf.

The shelf can hold towels and offer space to hang things like washcloths or even a hanging plant for a pop of colour.

Decant items like soap and shampoo

What’s taking up space most of the time when it comes to beauty products is the packaging itself, not the product.

Invest in items to decant things like hand soap and shampoo into and you’ll immediately find that there’s more space

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It’s important to keep your bedroom nice and organised, as it’s the place where you go to sleep and relax - and you don’t want things like a messy wardrobe keeping you up a night.

Add extra storage to your wardrobe

Are you getting the most out of your wardrobe space? You can free up some space by adding things like a hanging rack for the likes of your jeans, install a shoe rack for your shoes and even baskets for accessories.

Install a wall mount nightstand

Why not try installing a “floating” bedside table, which gives you the benefit of space for a lamp, alarm clock and a good book, but without taking up the space that a regular nightstand would.

Take advantage of the back of your door

Your door can also offer storage - install baskets to hang your bags, hooks to hang jackets and whatever else you might need.

Don’t forget under the bed

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If your bed frame doesn't go all the way to the floor, then there is ample opportunity to take advantage of under bed storage.

Measure the distance between the floor and your bed frame and put together some baskets that can easily hold your things that don’t need to be on display all the time.