Experts share tips ahead of Back Care Awareness week

It can be overwhelming with the amount of choice on offer when it comes to mattresses and for those with back pain, it’s crucial you choose the right support.With Back Care Awareness week just around the corner (3rd - 7th October), mattress expert Pam Johnson from leading bed retailer, Bensons for Beds, explores the benefits of different types of mattresses, which will help you when making your choice.
Experts have given advice on how to avoid back pains and maintain healthExperts have given advice on how to avoid back pains and maintain health
Experts have given advice on how to avoid back pains and maintain health

Orthopaedic mattresses

If you experience back pain when sleeping, orthopaedic mattresses are a fantastic choice for you. These mattresses are very firm and made to offer the most support possible while you sleep by evenly distributing your body weight to reduce pressure on the spine, relieving uncomfortable pressure points, and promoting the spine's natural alignment.

Gel mattresses

A gel foam mattress is similar to a memory foam mattress except that the top foam layers have been supplemented with gel pods. Not only do these gel pods assist in removing heat from your body to keep you as cool as you sleep, they also provide your lower back and neck with additional support by giving the mattress additional bounce which helps the foam form back into its natural shape more quickly.

Pam Johnson, Head of Buying at Bensons for Beds added “Sleeping at the correct temperature throughout the night can help alleviate tossing and turning so you get a more supportive and restorative night’s sleep.”

Memory foam mattresses

Like a solid orthopaedic or medical foam mattress, memory foam mattresses can be excellent for supporting your back as their high density foam conforms to your body's curves to relieve pressure and keep your spine aligned.

Pam said “The innovative foam on these mattresses react to your body temperature, moulding to your body contours, absorbing pressure for excellent pressure relieving comfort and support. Whilst the memory foam provides initial surface softness, it is important that either the springs or foam below this provide good support in the core of the mattress”.

Latex mattresses

Latex mattresses have exceptional durability, flexibility, and elasticity by nature. For proper spinal alignment and optimal pressure relief, the latex reacts immediately to every movement of the body, allowing you to wake up feeling renewed and invigorated.

For full expert advice on choosing the right mattress for your back pain visit the Bensons for Beds website.