Console Corner: PlayStation VR review

Video game makers have for years searched for ways to make players feel more immersed in the experience '“ be that the arcade simulators that move around, cameras that track your body as a controller or the '˜holy grail' of virtual reality experienced through a headset.

Reviewed by Matt Adcock (@Cleric20)

Sony have taken the jump into the virtual headspace with their new PlayStation VR the latest member of the world dominating PS4 family. Unlike the costlier VR options out the like the Oculus Rift which requires a high spec PC to run them, PSVR just needs a standard PS4 console to work and comes in at around £349. But is this new swanky tech worth investing in? It comes down to the game – and here are our top 5 launch games you can grab straight away:

EVE: Valkyrie

Take to the skies in this Top Gun in space. Packing slick design and stunning visuals, as well as thrilling gameplay, multiplayer space dogfighting has never been so exciting or jaw dropping. EVE: Valkyrie is cross platform so you’ll be able to fight against or alongside PC VR players, it’s addictive stuff – this will satisfy wannabe spaceship pilots until the PS Exclusive Star Wars X-Wing comes along later this year.

Batman: Arkham VR

Another visual masterpiece – Arkham VR sees you suiting up as Batman himself and getting to wield various Bat-gadgets in order to solve a crime that strikes right to the heart of Gotham’s dark knight’s world. Throw Batarangs, scan crime scenes for clues and strike fear into scumbags. This is wish-fulfilment that will put a Joker sized grin on you face.

Job Simulator

Work eh? Boring and dull, routine and soul sapping? Not any more… One of the things PS VR brings to the party is allowing you the perception of reaching out and grabbing objects (even though they’re not real). Job Simulator makes work fun by having robots challenging you to recreate jobs from their past (our present day such as office minion, chef, slacker shop clerk and mechanic). As bosses go, the robots are slacker than David Brent so feel free to throw doughnuts, break stuff and generally have fun doing the things you’d get fired for in real life!

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

In time for Halloween comes a roller coaster ghost train shoot-em-up that sees you venturing back to the world of the Sony’s excellent survive-em-up Until Dawn and blow the scary baddies away. If the nasty clown craze has annoyed you – this is perfect therapy as you can shoot them, and a host of other unpleasant creatures right in the face. Be warned this game will make you jump and possibly scream out loud but it’s a fun trip.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League

Future sports are going to be violent apparently and RIGS sees players strap in to mech robot suits in order to shoot each other – yes it’s a sport. There are some modes where you need to score goals but mostly this is a great team death match kind of thrill which packs incredibly immersive graphics and fast moving gameplay.

With over 50 more games in development including exclusive missions in Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Star Wars and more, the virtual future is bright for PS VR.

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