Do you own the UK’s highest-mileage car?

A search has been launched to find the highest-mileage car in the UK.

For many drivers a high mileage is something to be avoided for fear it will devalue the car and lead to big bills. But for others having their car rack up miles is a badge of honour, showing how resilient and reliable their vehicle is.

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Now a new magazine dedicated to cheap cars is trying to locate the examples which take this to extremes.

Bargain Cars has launched the search for cars with spaceship miles after its team acquired a Volvo S80 with a staggering 717,000 miles on the clock.

(Photo: Kelsey Media)(Photo: Kelsey Media)
(Photo: Kelsey Media)

The 2001 diesel saloon, once owned by one of our writers, covered most of those in its first three years, hitting just under 400,000 miles as a chauffeur-driven limo for VIPs before going on to be used as an airport taxi for many years. Its original owner sold the car in 2016 and it has since changed hands three more times, with subsequent owners dedicated to getting it beyond the 700,000-mile mark.

The plan now is to get it to three-quarters of a million miles on a UK-wide roadtrip once lockdown restrictions have eased.

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In the meantime, the title is trying to find any car that can match or beat the Volvo’s impressive record.

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Bargain Cars editor Peter Simpson said: “The Volvo is remarkable, not only because it is still going but also because it still drives really well – it’s powerful, smooth and still quite tight. It goes to show that if you maintain a car well, it’ll reward you with reliability.

“We’d love to know if there are any other cars out there with similar or higher mileages, and what they are.”

Even if you can’t quite reach the Vovlo’s achievement, owners of mega-mile motors are encouraged to send details of their vehicles to Peter directly at [email protected].

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While the Volvo's 700k is impressive it is still some way behind the global high-mileage hero. Another Volvo, Irving Gordon's 1966 P1800, holds the Guinness World Record for the highest mileage car with a mind-blowing three millions miles on its clock.

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