Weigh to go for Banbury slimming groups

Two Banbury Slimming World groups are celebrating after losing the collective weight equivalent to a male killer whale during 2019.

By Stuart Prestidge
Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 2:41 pm
Updated Wednesday, 15th January 2020, 2:42 pm
Bex Neale
Bex Neale

The groups, both lead by consultant Bex Neale, lost a total of 8,778 lbs last year.

Adderbury's small group of dedicated slimmers lost a total of 1,927lbs, the same as a Ford S Max, while the Frank Wise School group lost 6,851lbs which is more than a Land Rover Discovery.

Bex is herself on a weight loss journey and has progressed from a group member to group consultant.

Bex said: "I started my weight loss journey at the Frank Wise School 10am group. At the start of 2019 I was a member of the group the end of 2019 has seen me to be a very proud consultant of both Adderbury and Frank Wise School.

"I am still on my journey - I have lost 2 and a half stone and I think the fact I am on my journey still keeps it very real for the groups in that I do understand the journey they are on and I am not at my target maintaining weight just yet.

"I think it enables my members to relate and allows me to relate to them and the decisions and temptations we all face."

Across the two groups 45 people hit there dream target weight while 75 people hit their Club 10 - losing 10 per cent of their starting body weight resulting in a number of health benefits as Bex explains: "I've had members go from a wheelchair to being able to stand and walk down to using one stick with there weight loss journey.

"I have had members join bent over unable to stand straight and by losing a stone they were able to stand up straight and walk unaided. I've had members who have had there body confidence and self esteem improve no end.

Slimming World member Jan added: "I was fed up with how I looked and felt, I felt uncomfortable, fat and hated how I looked. I felt nothing ever looked good on and enough was enough when I was unable to do up my shoelaces without feeling sick when I bent over to do so.

"Joining Slimming World has given me endless support from group - like minded caring supportive people that all understand how each other felt made such a difference to my journey. I was able to eat normal family friendly filling meals that even my husband loved.

"No food is banned on Slimming World which means I can enjoy anything and not feel restricted or deprived. Slimming world has allowed me to lose three stone - I am now active, I am able to go into any store and grab clothes that I love and feel happy with how I look.

"My BMI is normal, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels have reduced which is amazing news. Slimming World has given me new friends a community and a healthier happier lifestyle."

The Adderbury group meets at the Adderbury Institute on a Friday mornings at 9:30am while the Frank Wise School group meet Saturday mornings at either 8am or 10am.

For more information call Bex on 07902160640 or visit her Bex in Banbury Facebook page.

Bex added: "As a new consultant I am looking forward to see what 2020 brings and I am looking forward to supporting more members to target, to achieve the dream weight and then keep them there - free membership and support when you get there - is definitely worth the effort."