Survey finds almost one third of Banbury residents in favour of cannabis legalisation

A recent survey asked residents if they thought legalisation of cannabis would reduce the burden on the NHS; a third agreed.

The survey, by, found that UK residents feel it would create less of a strain on the NHS if marijuana, currently a Class B drug, was legalised across the country.

Should cannabis be legalised?

Should cannabis be legalised?

The survey was prompted following the release of data from US states that have legalised either the use of medicinal or recreational marijuana and have seen a direct reduction in alcohol use.

According to the NHS, 337,870 of hospital admissions in 2017 were due to alcohol abuse and there were 5,843 alcohol-specific deaths across the country

The reduction in overall alcohol consumption, directly linked to the rise of marijuana legislation, has been seen in multiple states. In states where medical marijuana is legal alcohol sales went down by 15 per cent.

In states where recreational marijuana is legal that rose to 20 percent.

The CBDoil survey also found that a quarter of Banbury residents believe legalisation will lead to an increase in quality for cannabis users. According to NHS figures low-quality cannabis with a high THC (psychoactive compound) content makes up 94 per cent of the drug sold on UK streets today. These low-grade strains can cause incidents of psychosis due to the fact that they are unregulated.

Other findings include; 10 per cent of respondents in Banbury feel the legalisation of cannabis would result in an increased tax revenue for the country as evidenced in the U.S.

Additionally, 6 per cent of supporters of marijuana legislation in Banbury feel it would alleviate the number of alcohol-related problems in the UK.

Since November last year, UK residents have been legally able to access medicinal marijuana. However the majority of people are actually unaware of the new cannabis law with 64 per cent of respondents nationwide saying they had no clue medical marijuana was legal in the UK with 66 per cent of Banbury respondents unaware of the new law.

CBDoil have produced a quiz to test your knowledge on the UK legalisation laws and the medical benefits of cannabis. Click here to take part.