Straighten up and ease that back pain misery

Back Care Awareness Week starts on Monday and the British Chiropractic Association is urging people to straighten out their approach to back care as new consumer research shows that almost half the UK population is affected by the condition.

The research shows that although 28 per cent of people have suffered for more than a year, 24 per cent of them have never sought any professional treatment or consultation for their pain.

Tim Hutchful of the BCA said: “Back pain is something which must not be swept aside – not just by sufferers but by people of all ages who should think about preventative measures.

“Research shows that 43 per cent of people are limited in their activity by back and joint pain, so we all need to act to ease and prevent future problems to live life to the fullest”.

The BCA has developed a simple programme of exercises, Straighten Up UK, to help people get more active, as well as preventing back pain in both adults and children. Easy to learn and do, it consists of precise, slow stretches, each with a specific purpose.

Tim said: “The three minute exercise routine helps to promote an active lifestyle as well as balance, strength and flexibility in the spine, therefore reducing the risk of problems arising.

“Education on the importance of posture and back care cannot begin early enough, the sooner action is taken the less likely future back pain will be.

“With recent research by the BCA showing that 42.5 per cent of people do not participate in any physical exercise, we must shape up and straighten up to keep our backs healthy”.

Visit the BCA website to see instructional videos on the Straighten Up UK routine and begin to tackle potential problems this Back Care Awareness Week.

You will also find a range of advice, leaflets and video guides available to download from the website.