Several Banbury area neighbourhoods see major spikes in Covid-19 cases

Area of Banbury town sees major rise in positive Covid cases with 252 being diagnosed for the latest seven day period

By Matt Elofson
Monday, 10th January 2022, 2:35 pm

According to the latest UK Government figures the Grimsbury area of Banbury had 252 positive Covid cases, an increase of 109 cases for the seven day period ending on January 4.

Five out of the six ward areas within the Banbury town limits had more than 100 cases for the latest seven day period.

Oxfordshire County health officials are urging people to get the Covid vaccinations, including the booster in the wake of the rise in Covid cases across the region and country.

Area of Banbury town sees major rise in positive Covid cases with 252 being diagnosed for the latest seven day period

Ansaf Azhar, Oxfordshire County Council’s Director for Public Health, said: “People will have read or heard about the Omicron variant being milder, however it has to be stressed that this has not yet been categorically proven. What we do know is that people are far more likely to experience milder symptoms if they have had their booster jab.

“The booster vaccine is our greatest protection as individuals but also in terms of protecting our friends, families, work colleagues and health and social care workers. Every jab builds our resilience as a community against this new variant.

"There is still a requirement for people to work from home as much as they can. We would also like to take the chance once more to remind people of all that accumulated pandemic knowledge in terms of what keeps us safe – wear face-coverings, ventilate rooms, test regularly and wash your hands."

Here are the latest Covid-19 figures for the Banburyshire area starting with the town wards of Banbury:

Banbury Grimsbury: 252 cases - increase of 109

Banbury Ruscote: 167 cases - increase of 89

Banbury Hardwick: 154 cases - increase of 63

Banbury Easington: 143 cases - increase of 52

Banbury Calthorpe: 109 cases - increase of 45

Banbury Neithrop: 92 cases - increase of 26

Rest of Banburyshire area:

Bodicote, Adderbury & Bloxham: 173 cases - increase of 54

Brackley North: 171 cases - increase of 23

Deddington, Steeple Aston & Heyfords: 158 cases - increase by 46

Kineton, Tysoe & Warmington: 143 cases - increase of 30

Middleton Cheney & Chipping Warden: 114 cases - increase of 41

Sibford, Hook Norton & Milcombe: 109 cases - increase of 30

Shipston-on-Stour & Brailes: 106 cases - increase of 16

Chipping Norton: 96 cases - increase of 19

Cropredy, Wroxton & Shenington: 94 cases - increase of 27

Kingham, Enstone & Middle Barton: 80 cases - decrease of 9

Brackley South: 76 cases - decrease of 3

Kings Sutton & Greatworth: 64 cases - decrease of 1