Horton Hospital gets essential equipment thanks to charity and volunteers

Horton League of Friends volunteers Betty Tolmie, Sue Girling, and Sheila Hearn
Horton League of Friends volunteers Betty Tolmie, Sue Girling, and Sheila Hearn

A volunteer group and a designated charity for the Horton General Hospital have raised thousands of pounds to go towards essential hospital equipment.

Both the Horton General Hospital Charity and the League of Friends have provided equipment, from chemotherapy treatment chairs to tea trolleys and teapots.

Among the departments to benefit is the Trauma Ward, which has received walking frames to assist with fall prevention, and a continuous passive motion device to help patients with knee conditions, funded by The League of Friends.

The Horton General Hospital Charity also raised money for new stairs in the trauma gym, and new red toilet seats to help make the facilities easier to navigate for patients with dementia.

Sarah Vaccari, head of communications at Oxford Hospitals Charity, said: “We are delighted to be able to support the Trauma Ward at the Horton. These simple innovations can make a real difference to patients, some of whom are very vulnerable - and we know how much they are appreciated. Horton General Hospital Charity helps to improve areas across the Horton by funding the best medical equipment, making the hospital environment more welcoming and also providing support and training for the very special Horton staff. Donations and fundraising have such a positive impact and we are incredibly grateful to everyone who has contributed to make these improvements possible.”

The League of Friends also fundraised to provide two new motorised chairs on Juniper Ward to help people with mobility issues, meaning they can get in and out more easily and be more comfortable when sitting at their bedside.

Heather Clelford, chair of the League of Friends at the Horton, said: “We’re so pleased the money we’ve raised is benefitting patients at the Horton.

“People may not realise how much of a difference even the small donations can make – all takings in our shop in the Horton go towards our fundraising pot. The shop is run entirely by volunteers who kindly give up their time to keep things running, and every purchase made there adds up.

“The League of Friends at the Horton started in 1974 – we’ve raised a lot of money since we started up in the main foyer selling crisps and squash! We’re always looking for new volunteers to keep us up and running – it’s a very rewarding thing to do, especially when you see the direct impact our work has on patients.”