Latest Covid-19 figures show the effects of lockdown on Banbury area

A decrease in Covid-19 cases and an increase in vaccinations offer hope for residents

By Matt Elofson
Monday, 1st February 2021, 1:34 pm

The Banbury area has seen a big drop in positive Covid cases, according to the latest data.

In the seven days up to January 26, there was a 41 per cent reduction in cases for the Cherwell area as the lockdown continues to have an impact. The latest government figures show 416 Covid-19 cases for the Cherwell area, a decrease of 297 cases for the seven day period ending on January 26.

Figures for the individual wards in Banbury and its surrounding area are also continuing the fall - and with vaccinations continuing to increase, there is much for residents to look forward to.

The Banbury area has seen a big drop in positive Covid cases, according to the latest data.

But health chiefs are urging people to remain cautious and stick to the lockdown rules in the weeks ahead.

Val Messenger, Oxfordshire County Council’s deputy director for public health, said: “This lockdown is slowly starting to have a positive effect on our rates.

“The vaccination programme continues to make excellent progress in Oxfordshire, and we are on track on schedule to achieve the government target of the top four priority groups being vaccinated by mid-February.

"However, we must remember that those who have been vaccinated will not have full protection until at least three weeks after they have received their second dose. Moreover, those who have received the vaccine could still pass on the virus to others.

"So we can’t afford to let our guard down. To protect each other, we must all continue to adhere to the lockdown rules and public health guidance about washing hands regularly, keeping socially distanced and wearing a face covering."

The latest figures Covid figures for the Banbury area (for seven day period ending on January 26):

Banbury Grimsbury: 49 cases - decrease of 47

Banbury Ruscote: 45 cases - decrease of 32

Banbury Easington: 27 cases - decrease of 14

Banbury Hardwick: 21 cases - decrease of 14

Banbury Neithrop: 17 cases - decrease of 8

Banbury Calthorpe: 13 cases - decrease of 9

Bodicote, Adderbury and Bloxham: 12 cases - decrease of 23

Sibford, Hook Norton and Milcombe: 11 cases - decrease of 7

Cropredy, Wroxton and Shenington: 10 cases - decrease of 4

Middleton Cheney and Chipping Warden: 8 cases - decrease of 16

King's Sutton and Greatworth: 7 cases - decrease of 5

Brackley North: 29 cases - decrease of 2

Brackley South: 5 cases - decrease of 5

Enston and Middle Barton: 5 cases - decrease of 11

Chipping Norton: 16 cases - decrease of 12

Shipston and Brailes: 14 cases - decrease of 6

Kineton, Tysoe and Warmington: 14 cases - decrease of 1