How to groom your dog at home during lockdown - and are dog groomers open?

Boris Johnson has announced that England has entered a third national lockdown, with all non-essential businesses across England closed.

The rules for dog groomers have now been published, as the government confirmed they are essential.

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Here is what we know about the rules and regulations for pet grooming and welfare services.

Are dog grooming services still operating?

Dog groomers are essential to keeping your pet groomed and healthy, and will not be forced to close during the national lockdown.

Vets and pet shops can also remain open since these services, according to the UK Government guidance.

The UK government website states the following businesses can remain open:

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- Vets and retailers of products and food for the upkeep and welfare of animals animal rescue centres

- Boarding facilities and animal groomers may continue to be used for animal welfare, rather than aesthetic purposes

Therefore, animal grooming can only take place for essential welfare purposes.

What rules apply to visiting and carrying out grooming?

You should contact your groomer in advance to make an appointment, opting for a groomer who does not need to enter your home and where possible, offers a contactless drop-off and pick up service.

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Leaving home to seek veterinary care for an animal is on the list of acceptable reasons for leaving your home during lockdown.

Additionally, aesthetic purposes which should not be the purpose of your grooming appointment include: “creative grooming, facials, nail painting, and fur-dyeing,” The Pet Industry Federation (PIF) confirmed on their website.

The industry experts added: “These activities should not be undertaken during a lockdown.”

All social distancing and PPE rules also apply, including staggering bookings, limiting the number of people allowed in the salon, enhanced cleaning, contactless payments and groomers wearing full PPE.

How do I groom my dog at home?

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Throughout the first lockdown between March and June, dog groomers were forced to close but many provided tips for grooming your dog at home.

In the event that dog groomers are asked to close, there is a host of online tutorials to help you keep your pooch’s fur well cared for.

PETA have also listed a number of do’s and don’ts for grooming, these include obvious tips such as remaining patient and using appropriate equipment.

However, there are also less obvious guides such as guidance on knowing your dog’s coat type and refraining from washing your dog too often.