Hospitals for Banburyshire Covid-19 patients desperate for protective equipment, says doctor

An Oxford doctor has appealed to Boris Johnson to address 'urgently' supply of personal protective equipment to prevent coronavirus cross infection.

By Roseanne Edwards
Tuesday, 24th March 2020, 4:52 pm
Updated Tuesday, 24th March 2020, 4:52 pm
This morning's Tweet calling for urgent supplies of Covid-19 protective equipment for Oxfordshire hospital staff
This morning's Tweet calling for urgent supplies of Covid-19 protective equipment for Oxfordshire hospital staff

The plea comes as the Oxford University Hospitals Trust (OUH) rejected the offer of former Brackley Town Mayor, Mark Morrell to use three donated vans to collect the PPE supplies for the Horton and other Oxfordshire hospitals.

The doctor tweeted this morning: "'PPE simulation training this morn: we don’t have the appropriate equipment to practise with. Training 12k staff takes time. We could potentially infect huge numbers. We need to be able to keep our staff, and loved ones safe. Please address URGENTLY."

The tweet tagged Prime Minister Boris Johnson and outspoken TV presenter Piers Morgan.

The JR where training to wear fully protective gear has been under way. The same training is also been undertaken at the Horton in Banbury

Mr Morrell said: "Banbury Van Hire are saying if there are stocks being held at a centre point that can't be transported to local NHS staff they will give me van and two more with drivers to get this necessary equipment to the Horton and other hospitals to ensure staff are safe and there minimum risk of cross-infection."

However the OUH media office said: "The supply of PPE equipment has been ramped up in recent days, and there has been an announcement by the government regarding the further strengthening of arrangements.

"We are incredibly grateful for the wonderful support from the local community. However, individuals must not put themselves or others at risk by coming to our hospital sites. Members of the public are urged to contact Oxford Hospitals Charity at [email protected] if they want to help."

Dr Liz Peretz of Keep the NHS Public, Oxfordshire said: "We are horrified to hear that precious NHS staff do not have the safety equipment they need to stop the spread of infection. At this time when many vital services are being brought back into public ownership the NHS should be publicly run again and the cabinet given the direct responsibility to equip staff and hospitals safely. Arms length NHS Trusts that have to consider their balance books before their patients is not the answer - now or at any time."