Adderbury slimmers to have new group leader

If one slimming class wasn't enough, a Banbury club leader has set her sights on re-opening the Adderbury Slimming World group later this month.
Bex NealeBex Neale
Bex Neale

Bex Neale, a former Slimming World member, retrained earlier this year to become the permanent leader of the Banbury group headquartered at the Frank Wise School.

She will officially take over the Adderbury Slimming World group in the villages Institute each Friday from 9.30am from November 15.

Bex said: "After running the Frank Wise School group on a Saturday since June I have absolutely loved helping supporting and motivation people on their journeys.

"I have helped people hit their target. The dream weight they never thought they would achieve. I’ve had members Improve health conditions and mobility.

"It’s been amazing to support people to achieve these things and the absolute joy it brings them."

Before taking over the Banbury group, Bex had been a member for three years, losing two and a half stone, but so enjoyed her involvement she decided to increase her commitment to the group.

Bex added: "I have loved it so much that I have taken on another group in Adderbury. There’s so many people that struggle with their weight and need that help support motivation and encouragement which is what you get from a slimming world group.

"It’s a community in itself where friendships are made. The journey isn’t always an easy one but everyone is there for each other and you're never on your own with Slimming World.

"So, if you're sat at home feeling down about your weight, how you look or feel - come along and join us.

"A new journey to get you to target. It’s such a caring supportive group at a Adderbury and I want to shout about how great Slimming World is and this group is."

For more information visit Slimming World with Bex in Banbury's Facebook page.

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