Woodford primary aim be single use plastic free

Resource Food supports Woodford Halse CoE Primary in going single use plastic freeResource Food supports Woodford Halse CoE Primary in going single use plastic free
Resource Food supports Woodford Halse CoE Primary in going single use plastic free
Woodford Halse C of E Primary Academy plans to improve its environmental impact and become single-plastic free by 2023 with support from a food recycling company.

Resource Food, based in Daventry, will help with the initiative which involves a full overhaul of the primary school’s recycling and sustainability, a review of its suppliers and partners of the school as well as a change in processes for both children and staff.

With an environmental council, including children from each year group being established and formed at the start of the new school year, the children are encouraged to be an instrumental part in leading the initiative forward.

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The sponsorship by Resource Food will help Woodford Halse C of E Primary Academy realise plans to improve its recycling by providing mixed-recycling bins for each class room and managing the schools mixed-recycling collection contract with Grundon.

Head teacher of Woodford Halse C of E Primary Academy, Ed Newton said: “From the outset, we realise this is an ambitious goal to become a single-plastic free school.

“But we also realise its importance and the responsibility we have to set an example to the children – to educate and enhance their learning and understanding of the impact we all have on the environment.

“With the support from a well-respected local firm like Resource Food, certainly helps our vision become a reality.”

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Reports will be provided to the school’s environmental council to track progress on how much is being recycled from the school each month, as well as showing the life cycle of the products and what they have been transformed into.

The second phase of the sponsorship, which sits at the heart of Resource Foods’ ethos – to keep food as food – is to donate fruit, cereal, juices and bakery goods as well as a hot option for the six ‘Big Breakfast’ events which are held throughout the school year.

The aim of the ‘Big Breakfasts’, which are attended by 90 per cent of the pupils, is to encourage healthy eating and highlight the importance of consuming a full breakfast before the children embark on their school day.

The final phase of the sponsorship is to host educational visits and tours of the Resource Food facility, located in walking distance from the primary school. The aim of the tours is to help with the children’s understanding and awareness of the importance to reuse and recycle.

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Managing director of Resource Food, Ian Robb said: “We are proud to help improve the environmental impact of our local primary school and to share our knowledge with the young children, hoping they will adopt the good practices of reusing and recycling as second nature and take them forward into their lives.”

Launched in 2014, Resource Food is now a national operation, supporting the efforts of some of the largest manufacturing and food retail businesses in the UK to maximise the reuse and recycling potential of surplus packaged food products, in a way that is sustainable and cost-effective to improve their recycling performance.

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