Students at Chenderit School near Banbury to be self-isolated for two weeks after trip to Italy

Chenderit School officials have addressed concerns raised about the coronavirus after a group of students went on a weekend educational trip to Italy.

Friday, 6th March 2020, 3:06 pm
Chenderit School

They have now been told they will have to self isolate when they return.

A group of 25 year 12 sixth form students and three staff members went to Rome yesterday (Thursday March 5). Some parents have voiced concerns about the trip, given the higher levels of coronavirus in the Italy.

The headteacher Jane Cartwright said when the students left for Italy, Rome was in an area designated as safe. Whilst there, Italy has been designated as a category 2 country.

The headteacher sent a letter out to all parents at the school this morning (Friday March 6) concerning the trip.

The letter reads: "Since a recent Y12 educational visit to Rome departed from Chenderit the government has redesignated Italy as a category 2 country (medium risk)."

As a result the headteacher has been in contact with the Department for Education's Coronavirus Helpline and been advised that anyone on this visit to Italy must now self-isolate for 14 days.

The parents of the students involved have been sent a self isolation poster for patients and a PHE Advice sheet for people who live in the same accommodation as the patient so that everyone is clear about what it means.

All students on the trip to Italy and the three accompanying members of staff will now not be in school until Monday March 23.

The staff will set appropriate work for their classes and our staff will oversee the necessary arrangements for this in school.

All other students, such as anyone who was not part of the educational visit, are expected in school, as usual.

Headteacher, Jane Cartwright, added: "Throughout we have been responsible and followed all the advice given by the government, public health England, our travel and H&S companies.

“We are continuing to take advice and are doing everything possible to look after the health and welfare of all in our community.

"We hope that everyone returning from this educational visit will remain well and will return to school on Monday 23rd March."