One in 10 parents spend £25 on end-of-term gifts for teachers

With summer holidays upon us and children bidding farewell to their teachers, a survey has suggested that many parents give expensive gifts as a thank-you to school staff.

A poll by Mumsnet showed that the vast majority of parents buy a present - more than half (57 per cent) saying they buy a gift for their child’s teacher, while a further 26 per cent opting to contribute to a class collection.

The most common spend on an end-of-term token of appreciation was up to £10, chosen by 23 per cent of parents. 11 per cent spent up to £15, 15 per cent splashed out up to £20, with a further four per cent going up to £25. But one in 10 confessed to forking out £25 or more.

Chocolates were most the popular offering for hard-working school staff, with voucher and alcohol also much-appreciated choices. Gifts actually made by a child such as a class calendar were the option selected by 13 per cent of the 1,006 Mumsnet users.

The vast majority - almost four in five - said their child enjoys giving a present to their teacher, although 45 per cent of parents agreed that some parents enjoyed the “one-upmanship” of picking the best present. And just under half of parents said they felt pressurised into giving a gift.

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts said “Most parents are really grateful for teachers’ efforts and like to show their appreciation at the end of the school year. The main worry is how to avoid gifting the same teacher multiple boxes of Roses and bottles of cheap plonk.”

Top 10 suggested teacher gift

1. Flowers

2. Potted plants

3. Wine

4. Chocolates

5. Nice coffee

6. Vouchers - great when clubbing together

7. Biscuits, cakes and other baked goods

8. Handmade gifts - ie class calendar

9. Personalised mug

10. Smellies