New eco-friendly hair salon business opens in village near Banbury

A new eco salon called Elle Coco Hair Salon has opened in a village near Banbury.

Saturday, 12th June 2021, 4:59 pm
Pictured: Laura Durn, owner of the eco-salon called Elle Coco Hair Salon, and staff member andLauren Paynton (photo by Jannine Paxton-Timms of JPT Photographic)

The salon, located at 53 Richmond Street, Kings Sutton, was due to have an official grand opening earlier this year in January, but unfortunately lockdown prevented that from happened.

Owners Chris and Laura Durn, who took it over in October 2020, have now officially launched the new salon opening it to the public.

Laura said: "We were totally inspired by The lovely Dan Ludlow Nothing But Footprints in Castle Quay.

A new eco-salon called Elle Coco Hair Salon has opened up in the village of King's Sutton near Banbury (photo by Jannine Paxton-Timms of JPT Photographic)

"After a trip to Thailand, seeing the excess of plastic waste, and recognising that in the UK we have a massive, and still growing number of people who are conscious about the waste they produce, we took our first steps to being as sustainable as we could. We got tips from NBF, started refilling and buying without packaging."

Elle Coco is working in partnership with Green Salon Collective to provide a sustainable, low-impact salon with practically all of our waste being recycled and repurposed. They live by sustainability using vegan, eco-friendly brands and practices alongside the fantastic ASP range.

For more information on the Elle Coco Hair Salon see their website here: added: "We had already taken our first steps to opening a salon when it dawned on us that we were doing what we could at home just to be producing an enormous amount of waste in a salon.

"That's when we chose to do all we could to run an eco friendly, animal friendly and sustainable business, something that we believe should be an industry standard. Joining the Green Salon Collective has allowed us to do this by recycling and reusing up to 95 per cent of our waste."