New bakery set to open in Banbury town centre

Banbury will soon have its own bakery with The Rustic Bakery set to officially open tomorrow, Saturday May 15.

Friday, 14th May 2021, 7:10 pm
Stacy Parsons, the owner of The Rustic Bakery, will open his new bakery on Saturday May 15 in the town centre of Banbury.

The bakery located at 1 Parson's Street in the town centre represents an expansion of The Rustic Bean coffee house already in the town centre.

Stacy Parsons who owns The Rustic Bakery, has launched several opening day offers, which will only be good for tomorrow, Saturday May 15.

If you buy tea or coffee at The Rustic Bean coffee house in Parson's Street you can get a pastry or danish of your choice across the street at The Rustic Bakery for only £2.

Stacy Parsons, the owner of The Rustic Bakery, holds some of the sourdough bread he will offer as the new town's bakery, which opens Saturday May 15.

The second opening day special is 25 per cent off all hot food, which includes Cornish pasties, cheese and onion pasties, sausage rolls, chorizo rolls, breakfast turnovers and cheese and gruyere turnovers with any coffee brought at The Rustic Bean.

It's three years this month since Mr Parsons opened The Rustic Bean coffee house in the town centre at 61 Parson's Street.

He said: "During lockdown I've now opened two more places."

Mr Parsons already has The Rustic Bean coffee house (in Parson's Street) and The Rustic Bean Juice'd located inside the food and drink venue, Lock29 in the Castle Quay Shopping Centre. The Rustic Bakery will serve as the central administrative hub for all three of his locations in the town centre.

The bakery will specialise in homemade sourdough bread sourced locally from the Natural Break Company in Oxford. He plans to bake the almond croissants, chocolate twists and the hot food in house at the bakery.

He had already been selling the sourdough bread from his Lock29 location, and regularly sold out there.

Mr Parsons said: "It worked so well in Lock29 I looked in the window here and it just screamed bakery. Then it was just to make it look like The Rustic Bean. It just seemed like the perfect place for a bakery."

The bakery will primarily offer a variety of sourdough breads along with some granary, wholemeal, spelt and Focaccia breads. He will also offer gluten free bread options too.

Mr Parsons said: "It's all fresh stuff not prepackaged. It's fresh and artisan."

The bakery will offer homemade cakes sourced locally from the Cotswold Baking in Chipping Norton. They will also offer homemade cupcakes sourced locally from Blencowe's in Banbury.

He added: "They do beautiful things from cupcakes to birthday cakes."

Once the bakery is up and running he plans to offer his own meal deal.

Mr Parsons said: "I want to create a Rustic Deal - that'll be a Cornish pasty, any bun - Danish or pastry and a hot or cold drink together."

He plans to offer kids deals too, which will be a sausage roll, a gingerbread man biscuit and a Pip organic smoothie or fruit juice.

While there won't be room to sit down inside, there will be three to four tables just outside in the already pedestrianised Parsons Street.

He will offer coffee at all three locations.

The operating hours for The Rustic Bakery are:

Thursday to Saturday 8am to 4pm.

Monday to Wednesday 9am to 4pm.