Find out why a Banbury mobile phones accessories supplier is ringing the changes

Jolyon Bennett, chief executive of Juice.
Jolyon Bennett, chief executive of Juice.

A Banbury-headquartered company has been given a new look as the business extends its product range.

Fast growing mobile phone accessories provider Gusto Telecom Solutions, based in Haslemere Way, where it has 35 staff, has rebranded itself as Juice.

The new name ties in with the branding for its best selling products.

Chief executive and founder Jolyon Bennett said: “When launching Gusto Telecom in 2010, I had a clear vision to not only create mobile phone accessories that were of superior technical quality, but to create products that really engaged consumers.

“We are now out-selling Apple for lightning and USB cables, and Gusto Telecom has gained significant market share over the last five years.”

“Since this time, Juice has become a leading brand within the sector.

“We are so proud of what it represents in the marketplace, that we don’t want to just create and sell Juice, we want to become it.

“I am, therefore, incredibly excited to announce the rebrand of Gusto Telecom to Juice and am now looking forwards to releasing our latest products in the coming weeks and months.”

The rebrand of the company also follows the appointment of Tony Johnson, former Europe, Middle East and Afria Head at Griffin Technology, to the board as Sales Director.

Mr Johnson will be responsible for driving the international expansion for Juice and ensuring the accelerated growth of the business.

The company has about 100,000 customers and says it has transformed the mobile phone accessories sector.

The company states that it has consistently introduced a series of quality, vibrant and consumer-focused products to the market.

These range from portable power banks through to super-fast chargers - and all under the brand name of Juice.