Fewer than 50 per cent of motorists seek out cheap fuel

Fewer than half of motorists go the extra mile to search out the cheapest fuel prices, according to Swinton Insurance.

The high street retailer of car insurance surveyed 1,000 online customers and found that 45 per cent would drive to a petrol station for a cheaper deal even if it were not the closest one.

While fuel pricing seems to be a contentious issue now, it does not seem to deter the 19 per cent of motorists who fill up at the nearest petrol station regardless of its costs.

Surprisingly, 34 per cent of motorists stick with their favoured brand of petrol station even if it is more expensive than other brands.

A whopping 68 per cent of motorists actively seek out cheap fuel deals, with the majority of them (58 per cent) making a mental note of cheap fuel when they pass a station.

Nearly a third will scour the internet for the cheapest deals, while 10 per cent of motorists take advantage of supermarket deals that reward shopping points.

Steve Chelton of Swinton said, “Fuel prices are such a contentious issue at the moment it is heartening to find out that most motorists are intent on seeking out the cheapest deals.”

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