Banbury business bringing people together

A new business venture set up by two Banbury entrepreneurs, which aims to bring people together, could provide a unique Valentines Day gift later this month.

Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 4:46 pm
Beverley and Kathryn of Present Penguin with their pop up stall
Beverley and Kathryn of Present Penguin with their pop up stall

Present Penguin was founded by business partners Kathryn North and Beverley Palmer to sell products that would help reconnect people with each other.

Kathryn said: “Our aim, as two working mums, is to help others reconnect with their loved ones in a busy world full of distractions.

“The concept is something we’re both really passionate about as everyone is so accessible these days via social media, email, Whatsapp, text, all whilst trying to be the perfect mum, wife, daughter, friend and also trying to make time to eat healthily and exercise regularly too - there are so many pressures felt by so many of us in our modern day lifestyles.

A Present Penguin gift set

“Our gift boxes contain the tools for people to create memorable moments so they can turn off all distractions and be truly present with their loved ones through a variety of mindfulness activities.”

The pair launched their first gift box in December of last year and are now being stocked in Kendals in Parson’s Street and this past weekend had a pop up shop in Castle Quay.

Kathryn said: “Our launch product is our partner giftbox which aims to help couples recount forgotten memories and take a trip down memory lane, remembering just what it was that brought them together before becoming ‘mum and dad’ or letting the stresses of climbing a career ladder creep in, reminding each other of what we truly appreciate one another for.

“We do this through conversation prompts and some more creative activities involving modelling clay for example.

Kathryn North and Beverley Palmer - founders of Present Penguin

She added: “We’re also just about to launch our children’s giftbox, which is a shared scrapbooking activity and gives grown ups prompts on how to really interact with their child and the importance of praise and freedom for creativity.

“The aim is that by the end of the shared scrapbook grown ups will have a better understanding of joint activities that they can enjoy with their little one, opening the door for more fun days ahead.”

They have also released ‘Nights In’ gift sets which will be ideal for Valentines day.

For more information on Present Penguin and to purchase gift sets visit their Facebook or Instagram pages or email [email protected]