Banbury 'Bag N Box' business finds environmentally-friendly solutions in a Meanwell rebrand

Well-known Banbury area business, The Bag N Box Man, has rebranded with a new name and a determination to follow its environmentally-friendly ambitions.

After 40 years the packaging business has changed its name to Meanwell Packaging. The name has been chosen to reflect its core values as an environmentally conscious company.

The change comes after the business's founder, Terry Andrews retired and his youngest son Tjobbe took over.

Mr Andrews Jnr believes that offering the company the chance to refresh its look will reassure customers about the business's environmental credentials.

Tjobbe Andrews, left, has rebranded his father Terry's packaging business, now Meanwell Packaging. Mr Andrews Snr is also pictured

He said: “My dad is known for how much he cares about the planet, small businesses and of course his friends and family. This compassionate way of conducting a business is a reflection of his personality and values, so Meanwell felt like the right name for our exciting rebrand.”

Mr Andrews Jnr said the packaging company is self aware - steering customers towards sensible choices and also making realistic alternatives available.

"By offering people the option to purchase fewer products in one order, small businesses don’t have to worry about excessive waste from unused packaging," he said. "This ‘no-minimum order’ enables us to steer our customers toward more eco-friendly options, instead of opting for wholesalers who often only allow huge orders to be fulfilled.

“We’ve always recycled. My Dad has always taught me to appreciate and love nature. Every item that goes out of our door is sent out in reused boxes that we’ve prevented from being wasted. We also offer a free packaging advice service and provide a variety of packaging supplies.”

Meanwell Packaging now boasts a range of over 1,200 products including custom printed and bespoke packaging solutions, all of which are locally sourced and made from biodegradable and compostable materials - ensuring recycling is easy.

The company hopes to further its ‘Meanwell Mission’ by promoting the message 'Green is Good' and providing businesses with eco-friendly products that suit any need.

Meanwell Packaging can be found at or call 01295 788522.