Brackley Players present a murder amongst friends

A thriller that reveals the killer early in the plot sounds quite unusual, but there is plenty to keep audiences on the edge of their seats in Suddenly at Home by Francis Durbridge.
Brackley Players cast for Suddenly at HomeBrackley Players cast for Suddenly at Home
Brackley Players cast for Suddenly at Home

Often seen in professional theatre this is quite a different play from the productions usually presented by Brackley Players .

But director Stuart Dawe is certain about his reasons for wanting to do it: “This is a classic thriller rather than a whodunnit.

“You see whodunnit early on in the play and then you are treated to a story to see if he/she gets away with it.”

The play is set around Glenn a machine tool salesman who loves his job and is happy with his lot, unlike his wife Maggie who would wish to up sticks for the sun and sea of Bermuda and a lifestyle not at all to Glenn’s liking.

Maggie’s sister Helen and friend Sheila are fixtures in their lives and perhaps more so than initially meets the eye.

Maggie’s ex-lover Sam Blaine is a constant thorn in Glenn’s side, but how far will Glenn accept this situation and how does the title of the play, Suddenly at Home, reveal how the circumstances are played out?

The appearance of Inspector Appleton on the scene implies all is not well.

Add to that, the mysterious Remick, and where does Ruth the au pair fit into this sinister story? There are plenty of mysteries to keep the audience enthralled.

Suddenly at Home is being performed at Southfield School on Banbury Road in Brackley at 7.30pm on Thursday June 2 and Friday June 3 and also at 2.30pm on Saturday June 4.

Tickets cost £8, concessions £6 and are available now from Davies and Partners in Market Square, Brackley, alternatively patrons can call 01280 701501.