Strummer Room Records: promoting local artists and providing a platform for new musicians

Strummer Room Records Presents... is the side project of Strummer Room Records, North Oxfordshire's only independent record shop, and is dedicated to showcasing original live music talent in the area. With a commitment to promoting local artists and providing a platform for emerging musicians, Strummer Room Records Presents... continues to create a hub for creativity and musical innovation.
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What sets Strummer Room Records apart?

Unlike many venues that focus on cover bands and popular hits, Strummer Room Records Presents... prioritises original music and supports artists who are pushing boundaries and exploring new sounds. This dedication to authenticity and creativity sets them apart as a unique and valuable asset to the local music scene.

How does Strummer Room Records Presents... support local artists?

Images shows: electric guitarImages shows: electric guitar
Images shows: electric guitar

Through regular live music events and artist showcases, Strummer Room Records Presents...provides a platform for musicians to share their work with a supportive and engaged audience. By fostering a sense of community and collaboration, they help artists connect with fans and fellow musicians, creating a vibrant and dynamic music scene in Banbury.

What impact has Strummer Room Records Presents... had on the music community?

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Since its inception, Strummer Room Records Presents... has played a crucial role in nurturing talent, fostering creativity, and promoting original music in Banbury. By providing spaces for artists to perform, collaborate, and grow, they have contributed to the cultural richness and diversity of the local music scene.

With a focus on quality, authenticity, and innovation, Strummer Room Records Presents... continues to be a driving force in the promotion of original live music in Banbury. Their dedication to supporting local artists and providing a platform for creative expression makes them an invaluable asset to the community and a beacon of musical excellence.

Coming Up at Strummer Room Records Presents...

Friday 19th April - The Apothecary Tap, Banbury - DEAD ANYWAY / THE EXACT OPPOSITE / LIFE UNDERGROUND - Doors 7pm FREE ENTRY

Saturday 4th May - Strummer Room Records Cafe, Banbury - ORDER#227 / KILLER KOWALSKI / DIEZELBUD - Doors 7pm - Tickets:

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Friday 17th May - The Apothecary Tap, Banbury - GHOSTS IN THE PHOTOGRAPHS / NOTHING DREAMS / DOGMILK - Doors 7pm FREE ENTRY

Saturday 1st June - The Strummer Room Records Cafe, Banbury - SEPTIC & THE TANKS / GUTTER PUPPY / DUDE SMELL - Tickets:

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