The 50 best innuendos from the last BBC series of the Great British Bake Off

After the BBC's final series of Bake Off came to a close last week, let's take a moment to appreciate another year of innuendo from a baking show that has never shied away from 'moist' insides, 'stiff' mixtures and bulging loaves.

50. “When I squeeze it stays down”

49. “Slightly wet filling”

48. “Santa’s sacks filled with boozy mincemeat”

47. “You had a problem with your cones and didn’t finish”

46. “Are you a dipper, dunker or pourer, Mary?”

45. “Give it a quick firm up”

44. “I won’t show them my Jaffa”

43. “Nice to have some seedage in there”

42. “I don’t want any holes”

41. “I’m controlling the flow”

40. “It’s quite hard, and dry”

39. “I’m going to start stretching it with my hands”

38. ‘We’ve had a problem with finishing before, haven’t we?”

37. “It’s wetter than normal”

36. “You won’t see these cracks”

35. “Kate, how are your balls?” “I’m just pinching their bottoms.”

34. “We’ll leave you to bash your butter”

33. “No-one’s going to spit that out”

32. “If that means a bit of hand fudging, that’s okay to me”

31. “I like it gooey”

30. “I want to give it room to grow”

29. “It’s too stiff to push”

28. “The serpent is in the oven”

27. “My mum made me clean them before I came”

26. “It’s good to get your hands in and give your sausages a good squeeze”

25. “You don’t want it bulging”

24. “I considered piping it in”

23. “I think your sister tastes lovely.”

22. “You’ve got great penetration of the drizzle”

21. “He has a very good finish”

20. “This is your chance to get your dough prodded by Paul Hollywood’s digits of doom.”

19. “You’ve got two hours to achieve ultimate moistness”

18. “Were you ever a beaver, Paul?”

17. “We’ve got a little chap here and a whopping one here”

16. “Bakers, as I said to Idris Elba last weekend, you have two and half minutes to tickle my fancy”

15. “That’s a lovely lovely sight, a man spreading cream”

14. “I like the flavour of a Cox”

13. “There are some messy bushes that need trimming”

12. “Just shove the nuts in.”

11. “Are you a tosser or a flipper?” “Oh, I’m a tosser all the way, Mel.”

10. “Put your purple ring where I can see it”

9. “I need my balls to be the same weight”

8. “Paul’s just given them a squeeze and gave me a look”

7. “I know I’ve got a big mouth, but I’m talking inch and a half max.”

6. “Can you come and grab my jugs please?”

5. “I’ll eat a bit of carpet”

4. “You want them dry, golden and smelling nice and nutty”

3. “Candice, stop fiddling, leave your balls alone.”

2. “It’s a bit tight, but it’s got to go in”

1. “This will go into that hole and the juice will just drizzle out”

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