Were complaints just posturing?

It is surprising your story on Warriner School Farm (Banbury Guardian, November 1) didn’t mention the fact Perran Moon was a Labour Party Candidate at last year’s district council election.

Perhaps Mr Moon and the Labour Party could make clear whether, if they were to win next year’s county council elections, the Labour Party would find further money for Warriner School Farm.

If not, Mr Moon’s complaints would simply appear to be posturing by the Labour Party.

Also perhaps Mr Moon and the Labour Party would like to make it clear whether they are opposed to the new funding formula for schools which seeks to ensure every school, such as the Warriner, gets the maximum amount of funding possible.

Cllr Kieron Mallon


Closed should mean closed

Isn’t it about time whoever is responsible for traffic congestion in and around Banbury took a look at the unending problems in Bridge Street.

Almost every afternoon, particularly Thursdays and Saturdays, the place is clogged up with vehicles that shouldn’t be there. Traffic keeps coming into Bridge Street, realising they cannot go anywhere, and consequently have to come out again.

The problems that arise are that no-one can move in or out.

People come in to drop off people who work in the town and sometimes double park around the roundabout in front of the town hall.

This in turn delays the public transport, which is on a schedule, and also it makes the public, who use the buses, late for whatever meeting/appointment that they may have to make.

We see the same problem each Christmas. Signs are put up to tell motorists there is no entry to Bridge Street, but the signs are routinely ignored and therefore clog up the area.

Worst is when the fair is here and all public transport runs from the station. The cars continue to come in and then have to try to manoeuvre around the station whilst umpteen buses and coaches are trying to move in and out.

This obviously causes a health and safety risk to the public and the motorists. Closure of Bridge Street, for whatever reason, should mean just that – closed.

A PCSO stationed at the traffic lights to stop anyone entering at all would be a sufficient answer to the never ending problems.

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