Strong views over Mill story

AS ONE who, in various capacities, has been involved at The Mill Arts Centre throughout its existence, I wish to make it clear that the plan to alter the structure under which it has been run by its able and dedicated staff (led throughout, of course, by Tony Snee) is outrageous (Banbury Guardian, December 13).

The Mill has served the people of this area well and its scope has increased beyond the imagination of those of us who founded and ran it for so many years.

I am particularly proud, as one who takes the requirements of people of ethnic minority origin seriously, that The Mill has been welcoming and has catered for them assiduously and well. There is no similar service venue in the area. Furthermore, the needs of people who are handicapped – physically or intellectually – are recognised and met at The Mill.

That a sweeping change is planned to take place with no public consultation and, indeed, no prior notice, is undemocratic and totally unacceptable.

The Mill belongs to the people of Oxfordshire and provides for the artistic needs of people across a swathe of north Oxfordshire and beyond.

I hope those who are involved in the plan (ie, the county council members of the ruling party) will think again about the changes proposed and will consult thoroughly about what the population wants, what they value and what they need.

Margaret Ferriman


I WAS extremely saddened by the Banbury Guardian story regarding The Mill Arts Centre.

Any reduction in funding should, of course, be up for public discussion.

To say that £90,000 of cuts will make no difference to the running of The Mill is, of course, a politician’s answer.

As a very happy user/concert attender at The Mill, for me it would be a tragedy.

The cuts will surely result in services being compromised.

It is also the human side of professional, friendly staff potentially losing their jobs which is something to be deplored.

I urge people to write, telephone of lobby hard to keep The Mill going. I hope sense prevails and a solution is found.

Mr Bev Wood

Waynflete Avenue


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