Mixed Mosque reaction

AFTER reading the letters in the Banbury Guardian about the extending of the Banbury Mosque I felt compelled to make a comment.

Some months ago I had to take a relative who lives in Merton Street to an appointment. She has difficulty in walking, using a stick or a frame depending on how she is each day.

I had picked her up from her home with no problem, but on our return, unfortunately a Friday lunchtime, we had bother trying to drive along Merton Street and then had to park in Causeway and walk back to her home.

As we turned into Merton Street we had to walk down the middle of the road as the footpaths were all blocked by vehicles while the drivers were at Friday prayers.

Now that Causeway is closed and more traffic, including the B7 bus, goes down Merton Street, an extension plus the resulting extra traffic can only cause more problems.

Can I also ask if Margaret Ferriman, chairman of Banbury & District Racial Equality Council, lives in Merton Street or has bothered to go down on a Friday lunchtime and see the problem that residents are complaining about?

Name and address


I FEEL that the objections to the proposed extension to Banbury Mosque have nothing to do with traffic or parking and everything to do with ignorance and prejudice.

I would be very interested to see whether the same objections were raised if this application was for a church.

Surely we should be encouraging diversity and the freedom to worship according to individual choice.

On the topic of the Adderbury Cheshire Home site (Banbury Guardian, December 6), I wonder what is wrong with Cllr Mitchell. Here we have an obvious brownfield site for housing.

His comment that this housing might attract people from outside the area is beyond belief. Taken to its logical conclusion no new people would ever be allowed to move into the village. People are desperate for affordable housing and perhaps a two-bedroomed apartment would fall into that category.

The implication that Adderbury is only for a certain kind of person represents a shocking attitude for someone who is supposed to represent our interests.

Sue Prentice

Margaret Road