Fines a disgrace

In regard to the letter about cycling in Banbury (Banbury Guardian, January 24) from Kieran Andrews and in response to the article about cycling fines (Banbury Guardian, January 17).

Kieran Andrews and in response to the article about cycling fines (Banbury Guardian, January 17).

I would have to agree with the letter that the £30 fines for cycling on paths are disgraceful, and agree with the comments he has made.

I have been cycling to work for many years and two years ago took advantage of the government’s ride to work scheme through my company.

I do however try to ride on the road where possible, but I do use the paths on the busier roads. I always wear a helmet, have two front and two rear lights on my bike and wear reflective clothing, but in the past year have nearly been knocked off several times by car drivers not paying attention, twice at roundabouts when it is my right of way coming from the right, with the closest coming when my quick release bolt in my front wheel caught in and ripped off the rear offside hub cap of a lady’s car. She didn’t see me and wasn’t even aware anything had happened as she didn’t even stop – even though I was looking in the window straight at her she never looked to her right once!

But luckily I saw her coming so got in as close to the roundabout as possible but still couldn’t avoid contact.

It was a shame I didn’t have a helmet camera on, and if the car didn’t have clip on hub caps it could have been serious! I always cross the road at the pedestrian and bike crossing between the Musketeer Pub and Aldi, and most days a vehicle will go through the lights on red. If the police want to fine cyclists, why not focus the attention on the ones riding on the roads with no lights who I see no end of in the winter months when it is dark on both journeys to and from work.

Stuart Quick

Via email

Gritting a must

I refer to the letter on January 24 regarding gritting in Bodicote and would like to comment on the non gritting of the B8 bus route along Sinclair Avenue, Austin Drive etc.

This bus route is up a very long hill and every year when the snow arrives the buses come to a complete stop as they cannot get up. For the duration of the snow the residents of this area, including the Longelands Avenue area, are without a bus service. As we are all council tax payers, the bus route here should be gritted in line with other bus routes.

Joan Nurden