Disappointed by dog club loss

IT IS very short-sighted indeed of the Bodicote Village Hall committee to force out the K9 dog training club (Banbury Guardian, July 23).

We live in an age where more education is needed involving care and training of dogs, not less.

My husband and I joined the club almost from the beginning to train our new puppy.

We were novices then but have gone on to own several dogs, mostly rescue. We learnt a great deal.

Together with other members we cleaned up after every session and often left the hall cleaner than we found it.

The Greenings and members of K9 have raised a great deal of money over the years for charity and have given a valuable service to the public.

It would seem that once again pettiness has triumphed over common sense.

Liz Hawes

Horton View


I have just read the article regarding the dog training classes being stopped at Bodicote Village Hall, and to say I am disgusted at the decision is an understatement.

This on the face of it would appear to be the first complaint in nearly 20 years of the club being there.

So to the person who complained I would say what would you prefer?

A dog that your child could happily stroke or one that snarls, growls and possibly could bite them because it hasn't been trained?

Mr S R Bartlett


Middleton Cheney